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MTX Prelaunch Collection

Entering the simulation 

Prelaunch community rewards with a difference

Our co-founder and art director lead the artistic design of the MTX Prelaunch collection, with a goal to make look fun and vibrant, in key with the project's initial branding.

Silver, Gold, and Glitched all shared a uniting design, yet made distinctively unique from each other. 

These were made to reward the project's community, handed out in competitions and giveaways. They will eventually link to the brand's online game, Kill Kount which is currently in beta testing .

The Collection 

These collectibles were designed with the project's initial branding in mind, which linked heavily to artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, and a playful appearance. 

About MTX

MTX is a gaming token based on the binance smart chain.
To learn more please visit -

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