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HNW Collection

BSCs Most Exclusive NFT Collection

Shattering records as the most expensive collection ever sold on the BSC

Our co-founder and art director was contracted to lead the artistic design of the HNW Collection, with a goal to make these some of the most elegant utility items on the BSC.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Obsidian all shared a uniting design, yet made distinctively unique from each other. 

The Obsidians went to break records, selling at over 270KUSD value at the time.

The Collection 

The initial design process behind this collection involved finding something that represented what HNW was setting out to achieve. We landed on these spinning tokens, which in a way almost resemble coins of old, the currency of our forebears.  


The idea was to make these represent a passive income stream, whilst also being a beautiful piece of art and making sure each tier stood differently from the other, but no less mesmerizing than the other.

About HNW

HNW is a stakeholders token based on the binance smart chain. To learn more please visit -

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