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Camel Clans

Genesis Collection 

A magical land of ancient treasure and mystery awaits in the sands of the Ethereum desert

Deep in the digital dunes of the Ethereum blockchain are the Camel Clans.

These graceful Camels have been exploring the dusty dunes of the digital deserts in search of a place to unite and come together to share good vibes.

By owning a piece of this collection, you'll be greeted by custom creatures whose features may be familiar from games, collectibles, and films you enjoyed as a child and continue to enjoy today.


Collection Examples 

Project Highlights

8888 Unique Camels

Each Holder Given

Ownership and Commercial Usage rights of their NFT(s)

Endorsement Opportunities with Brands for Camel owners

NFT Airdrops for Random Camel Holders

Exclusive Access to Camel Canyon City & the Events held there

Random Physical Giveaways

Whitelist opportunities into Future Projects from our team

Exclusive access to vested Camel Coins

Exclusive Access to Artifact NFTs & Claim

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Brown Render .png

'Each camel is individually 3d rendered using the same techniques as professional artists in Hollywood and AAA games companies.

Unique fur colours, expressions, clothes, hats, accessories, and more allow for quality of products rarely seen in NFT collections'

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