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We're creating the future of NFTs and helping to bring shape ( and safety ) to the metaverse


As the metaverse and the world of cryptocurrencies gain further popularity, we see it as our mission to contribute our creative skills to this brave new world. We offer benefits that span both the real world and the metaverse with each of our projects.


Our primary focus is on creating experiences that help our community; networking events, entertainment, & exclusivity, with opportunities to develop financial and creative freedom.


While we're focused on developing our own IP, we have a proven history of helping to develop external projects ( if you are interested in working with us, you can contact us here.)


With massive opportunity comes great responsibility, and we are working hard to ensure we live up to that motto.

The Team


Meet the minds behind Twin Realms.


Brad Atkinson

Art Director //Co-Founder

An accomplished  3D artist with over 10 years of industry-level experience.  In previous employment, he worked with industry-leading US Film production Companies and Theme Parks

His first debut into the world of NFTs last year left him breaking records, with his most recent collection being the most expensive NFTs ever sold on the Binance Smart-Chain.

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Mitchell Tucker

Project Management // Co-Founder

The project's manager and co-founder. A long-time industry insider, Mitchell's knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency are vast and deep.


Mitchell's moved from crypto holder to day trader to management roles in numerous projects across the blockchain.

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Business Strategist // Co-Founder

Dan has a strong background in communications technology and business. Dan's expertise is in identifying future directions in the market and formulating key ideas and strategies to take advantage of those trends.

Dan has worked on numerous projects within the Blockchain space to advise strategic technological support for development opportunities.

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The best in interactive entertainment, experiences that span worlds

Twin Realms Studio was created on the belief that entertainment and creative outlets exist in both the virtual and real worlds.


We're all familiar with the real world, but what is the metaverse?


Currently, the metaverse is the melding of Blockchain technology with the entertainment and media worlds.


Games, music, online events, and interactive experiences are transformed by newly formed ties to the blockchain.


Tokens and NFTs. Smart contracts and ledgers.


Right now, it's the wild west, everyone trying to grab up land and stake their claim, bet their future.


Unfortunately, this has undoubtedly led to some shady practices. We're ready to be the difference makers. To be distinct. To restore trust and safety to the digital frontier of NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and Virtual Worlds.


If you'd like to join us on this mission and help make the future, we'd love to hear from you.


The team at Twin Realms

It takes the world's best talent to change the game


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